Incede industry experience accelerates the deployment of smarter IBM Watson solutions.

Communications and Services

Customer Self-Service

Watson Assistant allows telcos the ability to automate the high volume, low value transactions that customers regularly request such as service changes, payment processing and account inquiries, while providing a simple, efficient and thorough customer experience.

Incede develops the virtual assistant’s dialog by integrating a trained model of intents for targeted services and products and establishing the associations of triggers that provide the information, answers and steps for the customer’s requests – securely, efficiently and easy.

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  • Remove high-volume, low-value activities from call center
  • Empower human agents to become specialists
  • Achieve “Excellent” NPS Score
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Employee Self-Service

Services organizations who engage with their employees have employees who are engaged with their clients. Combining the capabilities of Watson Discovery and Watson Assistant allows employees to find answers about their vacation balances, expense reimbursements, job postings and HR policies anytime and from anywhere.

Incede develops a dialog that focuses on the key areas that employees and HR care most about. We integrate internal documents such as the employee handbook and state & local employment law documents. Watson Discovery can even integrate client-and employee-specific documents like a client travel policies or statements of work agreement that would apply to the employees on-site at the client.

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Vidahora Case Study

  • 40% average time-saving for HR functions by reducing administration workloads
  • Empowers HR personnel to spend more time on value-added talent development
  • Helps Vidahora’s clients cultivate happier, healthier and more productive workplaces
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