Incede industry experience accelerates the deployment of smarter IBM Watson solutions.

Industrial / Manufacturing

Supporting Field Support

Field technicians are deployed to install, service and repair equipment at customer, supplier or company-owned locations around the world – sometimes in remote or rural locations. Once on site, the tech must be able to diagnose and correct an enormous array of problems, relying ultimately on their personal expertise and experience.

Watson Assistant bridges the inexperienced, the unfamiliar and the uncommon for the tech to find answers without delays or a return trip. Incede develops the virtual assistant’s dialog by training a model to the targeted products, machines or locations with details such as model numbers, diagnostic steps and maintenance procedures.

case study

KPMG Case Study

  • Helps tax advisors determine tax relief eligibility for clients
  • Quickly examine massive amounts of loan assets and nuanced tax interpretations
  • Provide clients richer, more detailed recommendations

Expert Knowledge Base

The historical knowledge of a product, a plant, a line or a machine is no longer limited to the wisdom of the current staff or the latest frequently asked questions documents. Watson Discovery ingests and indexes the libraries of maintenance logs, purchase histories, downtime reports, throughput data logs, quality control reports and even complex engineering specifications to vastly expand the organization’s knowledge base. Using natural language, employees use the simple, natural language interface of Watson Assistant to tap the organization’s now-expanded knowledge base for answers. Incede ingests, categorizes and marks the documents and then iteratively trains and tests the model to ensure document relevancy is obtained.

case study

Woodside Case Study

  • Engineer-time spent on researching has been reduced by 75%
  • Saved $10 million-worth of time and kept employees safe
  • Bridged knowledge transfer from the past wisdom and learnings

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