Incede's resources are experts in helping organizations understand and incorporate IBM’s watsonx technology and its generative AI models. We provide end-to-end capabilities in developing conversational interfaces and cognitive enterprise search applications with IBM watsonx platform.

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AI Services

With the advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), its use is essential in the management and automated analysis of extensive volumes of complex data and information. Leveraging AI technology, we enhance our services to help you make more informed decisions.

  • Data Collection: We assist in gathering and organizing data more efficiently, ensuring that stakeholders have access to a comprehensive and accurate dataset. AI-powered data collection enables quick and accurate data consolidation from multiple sources, reducing human error risk and saving time. Machine learning algorithms help automatically categorize and tag data, enabling users to find the information they need.

  • Data Cleaning and Transformation: Our AI-powered tools clean and standardize data, resulting in higher accuracy and reliability for analysis. This process enables legal teams to gain valuable insights and identify and correct errors in the data using machine learning algorithms, ultimately making the data easier to interpret and analyze.

  • Predictive Analytics: AI-powered predictive analytics aids stakeholders in understanding complex business opportunities, identify patterns, and uncover insights that may not be immediately apparent through traditional methods. This service enables stakeholders to make informed decisions and real business value based on the interpretation of complex datasets.

  • Data Visualization: We leverage cutting-edge data visualization tools in conveying results of data analysis and AI in non-technical terms. Visualization simplifies the interpretation of complex data.

  • Natural Language Processing: Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) capability helps understand large amounts of unstructured text data, such as emails, blogs or documents, and identify relevant information for new business insights.

  • Cloud-Based Data Services: Our Cloud-based Data Services offer the capability to access vast computing power and storage, which is essential for analyzing large datasets. By utilizing cloud-based data services, you can manage, store, and analyze significant amounts of data without investing in expensive hardware and infrastructure.

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