Incede's resources are experts in helping organizations understand and incorporate IBM’s Watson technology. We provide end-to-end capabilities in developing conversational interfaces and cognitive enterprise search applications with Watson.

Watson Assistant Services


Watson Assistant Design Services

The key to successful deployments is designing a solution that is tailored to your needs while delivering the user experience you intend. Incede develops a phased Conversational AI Design for a solution that meets your UX, technology and strategic priorities while reducing risk and delivering the necessary business value.

We assess points of contact between the users and the organization and plot user reactions and behaviors to various conditions, situations and interactions. We identify triggers for managed interactions such as escalations to a human agent or invoking a transaction. We plan for how to train and maintain the conversational AI model and when to incorporate unplanned user requests.

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  • Phased approach that delivers incremental business value quickly.

  • Blueprints for the common integrations of people, processes and AI.

  • Detailed plan of the resources needed to design, develop, train and monitor the AI solution.

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